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Love to Eat, but Hate to Cook? Here’s Why Cooking = Love

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

What makes me passionate about

food and cooking? The realization that it’s a form of LOVE, and a HUGE part of our personal mood management! Did you know that 90% of our body’s serotonin (happiness) is produced in our GUT (@tierragoesgreen)? This means a HAPPY GUT can be a significant part of the journey to a HAPPY HEALTHY LIFE.

Having an understanding of the purpose of food and its effects on our body is sooo important for our quality of life! I believe we can all nourish to flourish by becoming more conscious of our relationship with food and the “toxic” dynamics we may have established throughout our lives. The GOOD NEWS is we can also build HEALTHY, BALANCED and SUSTAINABLE eating habits that can replace the bad ones.

One of the founding missions behin

d A Taste of Jazz is helping others redefine the way they view food, cooking and the impacts it can have on our mood, energy levels and wellness on a daily basis. If you struggle to adopt a more balanced/healthy diet, and the kitchen is your LEAST fa

vorite room in your house LOL, keep reading for some perspectives that can help kickstart your journey:

Cooking = SELF LOVE

Cooking is a form of love because we need food to fuel our bodies! When you’re good to your body, it’s good to you. Maintaining a balanced diet means that you care enough about your own wellness and health to really consider what’s going into your body and how it may affect other goals in your life.


Cooking is also a way to show the people closest to you that you care about their well-being, a LOVE LANGUAGE! Whether your loved ones are in need of everyday nourishment, or there’s a special occasion that warrants their favorite comfort meal, cooking is the ANSWER!



Health and fitness, budgeting and my mental h

ealth are always high on my list of goals and priorities. I’ve been able to use cooking and my understanding of food to help me stay on track with all three.

Health and Fitness

I do my best to workout at least 3-4 days a week on a consistent basis so that I’m able to reach and/or maintain my fitness goals. I notice a huge difference in my results when I pair my workout routine with a healthy diet! In the times when I fall off of my workouts, healthy meals still make me feel fit!


Serotonin can impact your entire body, including your mood and motor skills! Since 90% of this compound is produced in your gut, a healthy happy CLEAR mindset truly starts with the food you put in your body. The food you eat can also impact things like your work and fitness performance. Learning how to cook and understanding how different foods affect you personally is a MAJOR KEY to improving your quality of life.

Budgeting and Saving $$$

How many times have you looked a

t your most recent purchases only to realize ALL OF YOUR MONEY IS GOING TO TAKEOUT?!? I can raise my hand for this one because I’ve definitely been there too. Although you may be able to spend a similar amount of money on one take out meal vs. one small g

rocery shopping trip, cooking for yourself typically gives you WAY MORE than one serving. This means that your cost per serving is often much lower if you make your meals at home. Sure, it takes a little more time, but for me its sooo worth it when I see the savings rolling in.

Building a relationship with food takes time, and you won’t become an expert overnight. In fact, I like to think about my relationship with food and cooking as a LIFELONG JOURNEY that will continue to evolve as I do. I hope the perspectives provided here encourage you to think more positively about spending a little more time in the kitchen! For my NJ readers, I’m happy to help you on your journey with home style meal prep packages by A Taste of Jazz, click to learn more:

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