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My menus are guaranteed to elevate your both your palette and your next gathering. Special requests are always welcomed of course!


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Sit Back & Relax

 Having to plan meals and cook every night of the week while working full-time is stressful. You deserve to take a night off for once and let someone else do the heavy lifting. My catered services are designed for any gathering and are guaranteed to wow the tastebuds of any guest!


Signature Offerings

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Low sodium seasonings, fresh veggies fruits and herbs are used to create healthy homestyle meals created with your nourishment and wellness goals in mind

  • 3 meal packages starting at $30

  • Menu options are updated weekly on Tuesdays; orders are due on Fridays.

  • Meal prep services are pick up only, Sundays 3PM – 6PM

  • Portions:
    • Carbs – ½ -1 cup per meal
    • Veggies – 1 – 2- cups per meal
    • Protein – 5-6oz per meal

Together we’ll use food to improve your health and mood with food!



Enjoy A Taste of Jazz any night of the week with frozen meal options! Great for lunch or dinner options when you’re short on time

  • 32oz portions of easy to heat chili, stews and soup

  • Vacuum sealed to ensure freshness


Prepare a flavorful dinner for yourself and your loved ones in 30 minutes or less.



  Feed your inner foodie with ready-made Sunday brunch and dinner meals! These savory meals come with a mixture of Caribbean and soul food influences perfect for any palette.

  • Menus are offered seasonally (Spring/Summer)

  • Follow @atasteofjazz_ on Instagram for updates and/or check back here for the latest updates!

  • What is A Taste of Jazz?
    A Taste of Jazz is a brand that represents a passion for food and the importance of nourishment in our lives. Food services include meal prep (weekly), Sunday Brunch (seasonal), and catering (large or intimate events upon request. The A Taste of Jazz food and lifestyle blog provides quick recipes and cooking tips to help you enjoy cooking at home and improve your personal relationship with food.
  • How do I book catering services with A Taste of Jazz?
    It would be my pleasure to cater your next event! Click here to submit your catering request form. Half tray (serves 8-10 people) and full tray (serves 15-20 people) portions are available for larger gatherings. Custom menus are created for intimate events and private dinners. Onsite catering services are also available upon request.
  • How does Meal Prep by A Taste of Jazz work?
    Meal prep by A Taste of Jazz is a weekly meal service providing healthy homestyle meals. If you’re training towards specific fitness goals, or you’re looking for a quick and easy way to improve your eating habits, this is the service for you! All recipes are designed with your health, nourishment and taste buds in mind! New menu options are posted every Tuesday. Orders must be placed by Friday and pick up is available on Sundays from 3PM – 6PM. Each meal consists of the following portions: Carbs: ½ -1 cup per meal Veggies: 1-2 cups per meal Protein: 5-6oz per meal *Custom plans available for an additional fee
  • How can I contact Jazz with questions?
    If you’re unable to find the information you need on my website, or you have special requests please feel free to send an email to Follow me on Instagram (@atastejazz_) for updates!


Have questions or need additonal info?

Send me an email at

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